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woman in red lingerie licking her own hand
woman in black lingerie kneeling on floor


Step into my underworld where pleasure finds its muse.

My name is Xky.
I am a sensual perverted artist who transcends boundaries by interlacing the taboo, the sacred, and the profound. Body and flesh are my mediums. Desire, pain and fear are my muse. 

My power is delicate yet indisputable. I am tender and I am tastefully evil. I delight in meticulously crafting high protocol sessions and rituals that uniquely suit you, luring you to willingly unveil your hidden self and offer your full surrender. Within the sanctuary of my twisted underworld and the echoes of my tantalizing voice, I shall deconstruct you entirely and rebuild you anew to fulfill the highest vision of my design.

A multidimensional and seasoned artist with multicultural backgrounds, I offer a bespoke adventure, grounded in clear communication, mutual respect and risk-aware consensual experience. Individuals with legal age of all gender orientations, ethnicities, and varying levels of experience are welcomed in this space. It would be my pleasure to drown you in the depths of your soul and grant you a new life when I bring you back to the surface.

Do you have what it takes to be my muse?

Read my OFFERINGS, SESSION POLICY, and SUBMIT to me your prayers, mind and body. May we traverse the wicked sublime!


  • Femme Supremacy

  • Impact play (spanking, slapping, flogging, paddles, cane)

  • Bondage (rope, leather) & Predicaments

  • Sensual Domination

  • Sensory Deprivation & Sensory Overload

  • Role play

  • Anal (Fisting, pegging)

  • Humiliation

  • Gender play & cross dressing


  • Objectification (Human ashtray & furniture)

  • Body worship (ass, feet)

  • Financial domination

  • Tease/denial

  • Orgasm control & denial

  • Chastity play

  • Pet Play (Dog Training)

  • Cuckolding.

  • Wax / Ice Play

  • Fetishes (food, stockings, textures)


  • Sexual contacts (Penetrative & Oral, Handjobs, Footjobs)

  • Switching / Subbing

  • Brown showers

  • Roman showers


*Attempting to push any of these limits will result you being ignored & blocked

Think you’re worthy of my attention?

Familiarize yourself with Mistress Xky's Session Policies, and then click below to begin your application.

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