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All the different ways you can submit to me


Let’s get to know each other, discover what makes you itch, and find out your limits. Unveil to me your secrets and deepest desire. I will guide you through the rest!


A 30-minute screening video call is mandatory
2 hour play


Food is my love language. Dine with me at a luxurious restaurant of my choice. Relinquish control under my intoxicating presence both in vanilla and non-vanilla settings. Dinner can be substituted with other social soirées.

Minimum 4 hour booking

(2 hours of social activity + 2 hour play)

Image by Lazlo Panaflex


Contribute to the enrichment of my exquisite life. Come with me on a shopping spree, a visit to the spa or salon. Help me run errands while I pamper myself. Propose/offer your unique skill for the sole purpose of putting my daily life at ease and in abundance.


Become my toy for the night and exist solely for my entertainment purposes. The complete dissolution of one’s self-esteem is a process to be savoured in slowness. Forget about time and immerse fully in the ultimate sensual transformative experience.

*Available only for those who have experienced DEFLOWER.

Minimum 3 hour booking.
Overnight session lasts for 8 hours.

Image by Vincent Branciforti


Distance holds no power to the potency of my spell. Connect with me in the virtual world and bridge our gap with your dedicated devotion. Let me craft you to the best version you could be and serve me anywhere you are.


Craving for my extensive attention?

Earn it on my online training program. Inquire for more!


Panties worn during our session

Daily worn panties

Daily worn socks

Inquire for options



You may have the honour of meeting Beast during our session.

Don’t worry! They don’t bite unless you make them.

A token tribute is necessary if you wish for the Beast to be involved in your torment. State your wish in your application, and I shall determine their tribute amount.

Always bear in mind that you are forever in a subordinate position to Beast. You are not allowed to engage with them without my permission and you are to treat them with your utmost respect!

Think you’re worthy of my attention?

Familiarize yourself with Empress Xky's Session Policies, and then click below to begin your application.

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