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Read it thoroughly!


  1. Read my website thoroughly.

  2. Only when I am available, same day play can happen at 2x my normal rate. I love to play with someone who is thoughtful and respectful of my time and energy. So it is best to plan and apply way ahead of time, at least 72 hours prior. This helps me prepare for the best of our time together. You can always snatch my attention by buying me gifts and/or tribute through my wishlist. Take your time to fill in my application with as many details as possible.

  3. Follow my social media and support my virtual content: Twitter / Instagram / TikTok / Patreon

  4. You should receive a response in 48 hours to schedule logistics and secure a deposit for our session. This is the ONLY way to secure a session with me.

  5. If you have not heard back in 4 days, check your spam, or apply again and try harder next time. 

  6. You will hear from me on the day of our session. I will relay location information and the day of protocol. Respond to confirm your attendance.


There will be a mandatory PAID 30-minute video call before our session. Upon submitting your application, you will be asked to pay a USD $50 tribute to schedule our call. This is to see if this is the right container for us. This allows me to understand your limits and desires better. I will also be available to answer any questions you may have.

Keep in mind that this initial meeting DOES NOT guarantee a session with me. You will hear back from me shortly via email after our call, where I will be informing you on the procedures to move forward to a session.

Hiring a professional for the first time can feel very vulnerable, but rest assured because I pride myself in taking my time to negotiate and check-in, especially with my first-timers. I engage in this practice with genuine respect and care, implying Risk Aware Consensual Kink in my work. At the end of the day, we are both here to have fun and I am here to help you explore the intimate parts of you that yearns to be unleashed.


If you are not able to provide a reference from at least a professional provider OR a proof of your identity in some sort (e.g. employer/personal website, Linkedin, public personal social media page), your application will not be accepted.


Though I understand that it feels risky to disclose such information, this is a common industry standard screening process. Your information will remain confidential. Establishing safety and trust is crucial in order for both of us to get the most out of our journey together.


Upon the approval of your application, a 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.

The tribute remainder must be CASH, gifted at the beginning of the session.

There will be additional fee for outcall session.

Deposits & tributes are non-refundable.

20% gratuity is respectful and appreciated.


1. You are to arrive at least 10 minutes before our session starts, with the remainder tribute in a discreet envelope (and gifts) ready.

2. You will refer to me as Empress at all times.

3. You are not allowed to touch me without my permission.

4. You are to familiarize yourself with these safewords:

Green - Increase intensity

Yellow - Lessen intensity & check-in

Red - Stop all activity at once.

5. No renegotiation during the session is allowed. All negotiations happen before the session.

6. You are to be sober 24 hours prior to and during the session. No alcohol or illegal drug use is allowed during that period. Failing to do so will result in an immediate cease of session and you will be made to leave.

7. You are to schedule your own additional aftercare after our session.


* Anything that happens in the session will stay in the session. Your privacy and identity will remain confidential.
** Any attempts to disrespect and violate me will result in an immediate cease of session. You will be made to leave, blocked, banned, and blacklisted.


A 5 day notice for rescheduling is required.

Cancellation within less than 5 days will result in no option for rescheduling and the forfeit of your deposit. You will be required to fill in a new application and pay USD $150 new deposit to secure another booking.

You may reschedule another session if you give 5+ day notice (subject to my availability).

Think you’re worthy of my attention?

Familiarize yourself with Empress Xky's Session Policies, and then click below to begin your application.

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